articular branches

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ar·tic·u·lar branch·es

branches distributed to joints. Almost any vessel related to a joint will supply articular rami. Most joints receive articular branches from the intramuscular branches of the motor nerves innervating the muscles crossing the joint (see Hilton law). At this printing, Terminologia Anatomica, however, specifically recognizes only the articular branches of (1) the descending genicular artery (ramus articulares arteriae descendentis genicularis [TA]); supplying the knee joint; (2) articular branches of mixed spinal nerves (rami cutanei nervi mixtus [TA]); and (3) the articular branch of the posterior branch of the obturator nerves (rami articulares ramorum posteriores nervus obturatorius [TA]) supplying the hip joint.
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ar·tic·u·lar branch·es

(ahr-tikyū-lăr branchĕz) [TA]
Branches distributed to joints; most vessels related to a joint will supply articular rami.
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