joint appointment

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1. a meeting at a specific time and place, planned in advance.
2. designation of someone for an official position.
joint appointment a formal agreement between a hospital or agency and an academic institution whereby a health care provider may hold a position divided between the hospital or agency and the academic faculty.

joint appointment

1 a faculty appointment to two institutions within a university or system, as to the schools of nursing and medicine of the same university.
2 (in academic nursing) the appointment of a member of the faculty of a university to a clinical service of an associated service institution. A psychiatric nurse might hold appointment in a university as an assistant professor and might also be a clinical nurse specialist in a service institution. The practice of joint appointments began at Case Western Reserve University, University Hospital, Cleveland. See also unification model.
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However, the effect is important because it is another indicator of how interdisciplinary academic organization, the joint appointment, is associated with opinions within the Africana Studies field.
4) Are faculty of color, whether from the United States or elsewhere, adequately represented within graduate women's studies programs (either as joint appointments, affiliated faculty, or fully budgeted within women's studies) or within other programs or departments at universities which provide graduate certificates or minors in women's studies?
Finding a joint appointment in both a great Department of Political Science and Women's Studies Program, especially the intellectually diverse and tolerant climate of the Political Science Department.
These joint appointments will place these faculty and researchers as chief scientists at Qeeri.
In a new study published today in the journal PLOS ONE, IIASA researchers Warren Sanderson, Professor of Economics with joint appointment in History at Stony Brook and Serguei Scherbov show that hand grip corresponds to other markers of aging such as people's future mortality, disability, cognitive decline and ability to recover from hospital stays.
University of Georgia, Athens, researcher Vincent Starai--an assistant professor who holds a joint appointment with the Departments of Microbiology in the College of Arts and Sciences and Infectious Diseases in the College of Veterinary Medicine--is investigating how the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, which causes the disease, overcomes the body's defenses.
The joint appointment was announced by Aberystwyth University, Hywel Dda Health Board and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
In a 3-2 vote, the Board of Selectmen favored a joint appointment with the school committee based upon "equity amongst the numbers of those individuals in attendance.
Watson has held a joint appointment as a senior lecturer in child health in the school of nursing and human services at Canterbury Polytechnic Institute of Technology and a child health nurse educator at Canterbury District Health Board for the last two years.
In 2005 - a year after the joint appointment - chairman of governors Fr Michael Hall, said it had been an easy decision.

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