joint appointment

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1. a meeting at a specific time and place, planned in advance.
2. designation of someone for an official position.
joint appointment a formal agreement between a hospital or agency and an academic institution whereby a health care provider may hold a position divided between the hospital or agency and the academic faculty.
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"She was a joint appointment. The failure to reflect that shows this is an attempt to play politics with the process, and a close analysis of the cases would demonstrate that further," D'Alemberte said.
Joint Appointment Report: Summary of Issues and Practices.
Hypothesis 4: An Africana Studies scholar is less likely to see Africana Studies as distinct if they hold a joint appointment in a field other than Africana Studies.
First, the writer is an academic, holding a joint appointment in sociology and American Studies and kinesiology.
He said: "The joint appointment of Andrew and Richard demonstrates our commitment to invest in not just the best equipment but also in the best people - to meet the increasing volume of work at Barnetts, whilst also maintaining our value added service
"Upon completion of my PhD in Nursing Science, I plan to continue my career path in nursing leadership with a joint appointment as a senior nurse executive in a practice setting with an adjunct appointment on the graduate faculty in nursing administration of a school of nursing," Maria states.
She also held a joint appointment with the university's law school.
Shandas has a joint appointment as an associate professor in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder and the Children's Hospital of Denver.
Mucci, who holds a joint appointment at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.
The announcement of our joint appointment in October 1960 included the following language:
Allison Druin has accepted a joint appointment at the University of Maryland, and will work in both the College of Information Studies (CLIS) and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (IACS).
She holds a joint appointment for researching cognitive processes and minimizing iatrogenic (physician caused) errors in medical technology implementation and use at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and the University of Alberta in Canada.

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