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mating, usually one male with a group of females.

joining (J) gene segment
a variable coding sequence that codes for amino acids that link the variable and constant regions of immunoglobulins.
joining programs
include special arrangements for the percentage of males used, periods males left in, a succession of males, use of teasers beforehand.

Patient discussion about joining

Q. how do i join the nurses community?

A. Go to 'My stuff' and then click on 'add your health interests', then add the tag "Nurses" to 'my interests'.
Once you have added it, click on 'save changes'.

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Studies show that a constant joining velocity of the horn during welding produces a more homogeneous molecular bond and a more robust weld.
After lending books to family, friends and coworkers, Felicia Hart toyed with the idea of joining a formal book discussion group.
Prior to joining Weichert Commercial, he served as a senior managing director at Newmark & Company, where he completed transaction totaling more than 3.
Discussing a high-speed, hot-plate welding process for joining tubing and molded parts, especially medical bags.
Prior to joining Massey Knakal, he worked at Marcus & Millichap and WRA Properties, Inc.
BASF reports that tests of its hybrid joining system are under way in several collaborative programs covered by non-disclosure agreements.
Prior to joining Insignia Douglas Elliman, he served as managing director with the Corcoran Group.
Since joining Told Partners in 1993, Berndt leased or sold in excess of 3.
However, laser joining of plastics has been held back until now by a lack of suitable equipment, restrictions on polymers and colors that can be joined, and limited awareness of the technology's potential.
Prior to joining McCarter & English as a special counsel earlier this year, he served as a partner at Sidley & Austin, where he co-founder the firm's New York office and assumed responsibility for its real estate practice.
Prior to joining Moody's, Maura was a Product Manager with Standard & Poor's Information Services.
Prior to joining Interior Architects, she worked at AT&T Global Real Estate, where she implemented numerous workplace design solutions.