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the area around the articulation of the femur and the acetabulum at the base of the lower trunk. (See also hip joint and see Appendices.) At each hip joint, the smooth round head of the femur fits into the acetabulum. The joint is covered by a tough, flexible protective capsule and is heavily reinforced by strong ligaments that stretch across the joint. As in most joints, where the ends of the bones meet they are covered with a layer of cartilage that reduces friction and absorbs shock. The synovial membrane lines the socket and lubricates the joint with synovial fluid. Cushioning is provided by small fluid-filled sacs, or bursae. Called also coxa.
Hip: the hip joint.
hip-joint disease tuberculosis of the hip joint; called also coxalgia.
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1. The lateral prominence of the pelvis, extending from the waist to the thigh and formed by the iliac crest, the greater trochanter of the femur, and associated soft tissues. Synonym(s): coxa (1)
2. Synonym(s): hip bone
3. Synonym(s): hip joint
4. Less precisely, the proximal parts of the femur, including the head, neck, and greater and lesser trochanters. It is this sense that is meant in the common phrases "hip fracture" and "hip nailing." [anat. usage note to avoid ambiguity it may be advisable to add a specifying word (hip joint, hip region) or to avoid hip altogether (femoral neck fracture).]
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a. The laterally projecting prominence of the pelvis or pelvic region from the waist to the thigh.
b. A homologous posterior part in quadrupeds.
c. The hip joint.
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1. The lateral prominence of the pelvis from the waist to the thigh.
2. The joint between femur and pelvis.
3. Colloquially, the head, neck, and greater trochanter of femur, as in the phrases "hip fracture" and "hip replacement."
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Patient discussion about hip

Q. hip pain i have pain in my right hip

A. Well, it could be many things, depends on your situation: What age are you? How long does the pain last? Is it worse during movement or during rest? Was there any trauma?

In the more adult population, osteoarthritis is a common cause, as you can read more here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osteoarthritis).

If that didn't answer your question, then you can read more here (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003179.htm).

Q. What is the treatment for "hip joint mice"? Thanks!

A. if you are young- it goes away by itself after 6-8 painful weeks...if you are older you might need a surgery to remove the particles. it the hip bone it can be complicated, so it's really up to your Dr. to decide what to do here.

Q. ofter csection i have a pain in my hip i can hardly walk sometime

A. this is not a normal c-section symptom..(as far as i know, i'm not a gynecologist..) but here are some situations that hip pain are their symptom-
i would call the Doctor that operated and ask him about it though.. maybe he can give a clue.

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