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mating, usually one male with a group of females.

joining (J) gene segment
a variable coding sequence that codes for amino acids that link the variable and constant regions of immunoglobulins.
joining programs
include special arrangements for the percentage of males used, periods males left in, a succession of males, use of teasers beforehand.

Patient discussion about joining

Q. how do i join the nurses community?

A. Go to 'My stuff' and then click on 'add your health interests', then add the tag "Nurses" to 'my interests'.
Once you have added it, click on 'save changes'.

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It expects to link up with Aer Lingus, Iberia and Qantas this month, and with Finnair next month, with the cutovers with its fellow new recruits to be completed before they all join early in 2007.
Lena Olin joins the cast of ``Alias'' as Sydney's long-thought-dead but certainly not-to-be-messed-with mom, Irina Derevko.
New M624H vibration welder will join nylon 6 intake-manifold parts made with the MuCell process.
Fall 1993 - Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Northern Illinois and Southwestern Louisiana join the conference for football only.
High-energy diodes make an incredibly strong weld, which allows them to join dissimilar and hard-to-weld materials, examples being PP and glass-reinforced acetal," claims Icke.
Danaher-Dorr joins PolyGram's Los Angeles office from Citadel Entertainment L.
CURRAN JOINS SKOPOS: Ruth Curran recently joined Skopos Consulting as a principal consultant.
CAVEZA JOINS COLLEGE STAFF: Award-winning toy design and Mattel senior product manager Martin J.