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johrei (jōh·rā·ē),

n a healing art from the Japanese tradition. It is a form of energy healing similar to the “laying on of hands” practiced in other cultures.
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La exposicion repetida al Johrei, provoco un incremento significativo del crecimiento de los astrocitos.
It was a fascinating meeting, wherein the team members discussed data collection and preliminary findings of current research study involving Johrei, a biofield therapy, with patients recovering from coronary artery bypass surgery.
A Japanese Johrei healer also worked to calm his immune system and improve his metabolism.
Gruzelier reports on research dealing with healing the immune system using self-hynosis, relaxation, guided imagery, hypnosis, Johrei, and Reiki, and begins to tease out personality components that contribute to hypnotizability and positive schizotypy and creativity.