A product used as a diagnostic agent, analogous to tuberculin but made from Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (the causative organism of Johne disease) grown in a broth medium containing Mycobacterium phlei (timothy hay bacillus); used as an allergen to provoke reactions in infected animals.
[H. A. Johne]
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H. Albert, German physician, 1839-1910.
Johne bacillus - a species causing Johne disease, a chronic enteritis in cattle. Synonym(s): Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
Johne disease - a disease occurring in cattle and sheep, caused by infection with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Synonym(s): chronic dysentery of cattle; paratuberculosis
johnin - a diagnostic agent, analogous to tuberculin.
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The intradermal Johnin test and interferon gamma assays (IFN-a) (Wood et al, 1991, Rothel et al., 1992) are CMI based tests and the results are not reliable because of using the crude antigens which u showed variability in potency and cross reactivates.
Traditional intradermal PPD (Johnin) (field test) lacks sensitivity and specificity and is known to provide false positive reactions due to cross reactivity with environmental and saprophytic mycobacteria (de Lisle et al., 1980; Sherman and Gezon, 1980; Kalis et al., 2003).
When the Birmingham Mailmet Johnin the summer he did admit to one worry about visiting Birmingham this festive season as he could not find a hotel where he could also lodge his three beloved dogs - Charlie, CJ and Harris.
For many years I have joined Johnin his quest for good real ale, and bargain recordings in charity shops - a characteristic perhaps the only omission in George Odam's charming compilation Landscapes of the Mind: The Music of John McCabe, an attractive evocation of this attractive man in his 70th year (Ashgate pounds 35).
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