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An Americanism for an athlete
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Vox populi An Americanism for an athlete. See Jock itch.
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Jockish says that the mule's reputation for stubbornness is simply a very strong instinct for self-preservation.
Turns out he's being pursued by immortal "Harvesters," whose leader takes the too-campy human form of dominatrix-like Medea (Jaime Murray); the bland, jockish hero hardly seems worth such trouble.
High school French teacher Prudie (Emily Blunt) is crushed when jockish husband Dean (Marc Blucas) casually announces their planned Paris vacation has been preempted by a biz trip.
Left alone with the uberstraight, jockish husband, Nathan scores a conquest sure to have repercussions.
But Rudd, playing someone who says "goddang it" one minute and can quote Wilde the next, gives a stirring account of an innocent keen for experience at whatever cost, and he's beautifully matched with Weller's likably jockish Phillip and Mol's touchingly lovestruck Jenny.