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An Americanism for an athlete


Vox populi An Americanism for an athlete. See Jock itch.
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Jock won the Scottish Marathon in In 1951, he finished fifth behind world marathon record-holder Jim Peters in a 20-mile road race.
2016 Rio Olympian Charles Jock has decided to leave the USATF World Relay Camp due to the lack of transparency, communication and respect shown to him in being left off the 4x800m starting line-up," said Rowland in a statement released to Flotrack by Jock's agent.
Responding to the growing pressure of the NBPA and NHLPA, the Tennessee legislature passed legislation in 2014 that repealed Tennessee's jock tax.
Elizabeth Ludgate, of Coventry Cathedral, said: "Shortly after the destruction of the old St Michael's, it was Jock Forbes who embraced Provost Howard's message of hope and forgiveness in the face of war by bounding two of the great charred oak beams together that had fallen in a shape of a cross.
Betty Leslie-Melville, who died in 2005 at the age of 78, is credited along with her husband Jock for having saved the entire Rothschild subspecies.
LAST SHIFT: Pit pony Jock, who was retiring after 21 years' service, with his handler Gordon Pattinson
I had an exceptional time at Durham and I have been very involved over the years with Durham," said Jock.
The researcher says that Jocks might constitute a specialized and problematic subset of athletes.
More episodic than plot-driven, this rollicking tale about some true eccentrics features memorable characters and relationships: between long-suffering Jock and his tormenter Egon, in particular, and between Jock and his Grampus.
Admiral Sir Jock Slater is stepping down at the end of 2008 after four years at the helm.
I don't like to be called a jock because that makes me think of spandex-covered football players.