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just noticeable difference



The smallest difference between two stimuli that can be perceived by a sensory organ or sense receptor.
Synonym: difference limen; difference threshold


just noticeable difference
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At the encoder, the JND model is used to make the DCT coefficients be sparse after the prefilter P and M-point DCT transform.
3, the JND model is introduced to further make the DCT coefficients be sparse.
Pixel_ JND(r,c,x,y) represents JND values of pixel domain.
Both the pixel domain JND and the frequency domain JND are derived from the same human vision mechanism, so they can be transformed into each other [27] [28].
It can be seen that for the given same Central PSPNR, the Side PSPNR of JND MDLTPC and JND MDROQ outperform MDLTPC, PMDROQ in most case, respectively.
These areas are suited to hide the watermark signal and therefore the JND values corresponding to those areas must be high.
We will take an average of these two values to estimate the JND mask.
Hence a correction to the initial JND parameter value is introduced and the final JND parameter value for each block is calculated as:
Where JI is the initial JND parameter value, ML is the average of the luminance values within the considered block.
The television industry can use JND information to improve picture quality, or to maintain quality while providing more services, such as additional channels in a satellite or cable TV transmission.