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In this study, we found that both CN and SFN electrodes showed significantly increased jitter in ALS patients compared with healthy controls.
The mean jitter values were analyzed as the calculation of the mean MCD of at least 20 consecutive discharges (9).
Silicon Labs' clock jitter tool for PCIe technology features an intuitive graphical user interface that guides developers through the few simple steps required to compute clock jitter from an oscilloscope data file.
Another new capability in the BSA286CL is Combined Random, Bounded Uncorrelated and High Frequency Sinusoidal Jitter (RJ, BUJ and S.
In conjunction with Jitter Measurement provides peak-to-peak jitter value for a given frequency at the system output
Tj subsequently is apportioned between deterministic jitter (Dj) and random jitter (Rj), and this is where jitter becomes interesting.
On the other hand, if a single-shot capture is used along with the scope's internal software clock recovery to create the eye diagram, then trigger jitter doesn't matter.
These "timers" or clocks must have low jitter and the correct time skew to clock the data on the middle of its eye pattern.
Vectron's new VS-709 offers a 50 percent reduction in jitter performance compared to its predecessor, the VS-751.
The J-BERT incorporates total jitter measurements with built-in CDR with a tunable loop bandwidth and faster execution of long test sequences with a 60-block pattern sequencer.
To estimate the standard deviation of jitter noise, many (hundreds to thousands) jittered signals are measured.