jin shin jitsu

jin shin jyutsu

A Japanese form of acupressure based on gentle touching and cradling of the body rather than massage; the practitioner identifies zones of compromised flow of energy chi (life force) by pulse diagnosis and then attempts to harmonise the body, mind and spirit, simultaneously touching a combination of 2 of 26 “safety energy locks” located along the body’s energy pathways so as to redirect the patient’s intrinsic life forces to unblock the flow of energy.

jin shin jitsu (jin shin jitsōō),

n.pr a style of bodywork originating in Japan; promotes energetic movement through gentle pressure on multiple acupressure points. This is considered an inner bodywork modality because the techniques release emotional and spiritual—as well as physical—energies.
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Some of these were developed through Dr Dennison's interest in Jin Shin Jitsu, an ancient Japanese therapy which works by balancing the body's vital energy.