Datura stramonium

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Da·tu·ra stra·mo·'ni·um

a species that is the main source of stramonium.
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Jimsonweed grows wild and is used as an ornamental plant in much of the United States.
The deadly toxic plants include hemlock and water hemlock, monkshood, yew, oleander, jimsonweed, and tobacco.
The famous "lowly" Jimsonweed (also a Gene Autry song) is well known to cowboys.
The fitness cost of triazine resistance in jimsonweed (Datura stramonium L.).
Jimsonweed or angel's trumpet is a plant that has been ingested for recreational purposes.
However, on the positive side, we find that jimsonweed, a smelly member of the nightshade family and a bane of farmers, has a preferential uptake for plutonium; but not in my backyard, thank you.
That's about the time Kremer started looking for microbes that might combat velvetleaf, cocklebur, jimsonweed, and other weeds in cultivated crops of the Midwest and South.
jimsonweed blooms, sensual petals and guarded cavities, then had to
Accordingly, we crossed triazine-resistant and -susceptible populations of jimsonweed (Datura stramonium L.) from Indiana (Jordan and Weller, 1991) to produce TR and TS lines bearing a comparable range of nuclear genotypes.
Investigation Corn and Soybean Intercropping Advantages in Competition with Redroot Pigweed and Jimsonweed.World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 57.