jet nebulizer

jet neb·u·liz·er

an atomizer that uses an air or gas stream to change a liquid into small particles.
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jet neb·u·li·zer

(jet neb'yū-lī-zĕr)
An atomizer that uses an air or gas stream to change a liquid into small particles.
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jet neb·u·li·zer

(jet neb'yū-lī-zĕr)
Device that uses an air or gas stream to change a liquid into small particles.
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[8] They then conducted a clinical study to determine the responses to incremental doses of inhaled bronchodilators in nine patients with stable asthma using the jet nebulizer alone (control) and the jet nebulizer coupled with CPAP and a tight-fitting face mask.
YUPELRI is designed to be compatible with any standard jet nebulizer. Researchers presented new data from a randomized, double-blinded study comparing the efficacy of YUPELRI to tiotropium in patients with moderate to very severe COPD and suboptimal peak inspiratory flow rates (less than 60 L/min).
performed an in vitro experiment on terbutaline nebulization during NIV in the context of different nebulizer types (Aeroneb Pro, vibrating mesh nebulizer, and Sidestream, jet nebulizer) and the devices' position in the circuit (either proximal, e.g., the nebulizer placed between expiration port and breathing simulator--patient model or distal to the breathing simulator) during NIV with the following settings: inspiratory (I) and expiratory (E) pressures of 20 and 5cm [H.sub.2]O, I:E ratio 1:3, 15breaths/min (BPM), and tidal volume (TV) of 500 ml.
This study compared the clinical utility of the eMotion mesh nebulizer (PARI, Starnberg, Germany) and a conventional jet nebulizer (Turbo Boy-N; PARI).
Approximately 350 patients will be randomized to receive one of four doses of TD-4208 inhalation solution (44 mcg, 88 mcg, 175 mcg, 350 mcg) or placebo once daily via a jet nebulizer for 28 days, in a double-blind, parallel group study design.
Safety and efficacy have been demonstrated using the following nebulizers: the disposable jet nebulizer Hudson T Up-draft II and disposable jet nebulizer Marquest Acorn II in conduction with a Pulmo-Aide compressor, and the reusable PARI LC Jet+ nebulizer in conjunction with the PARI PRONEB compressor.
On discontinuation of any previous ICS therapy, all patients received BIS 0.5 mg administered twice daily via a jet nebulizer. Jet nebulizer/compressor systems varied among patients, with most patients using the same system that they used for as-needed administration of bronchodilators.
Epidemiologic investigations indicate that this patient transmitted SARS to 47 healthcare workers on the ward to which he was admitted; the administration of a bronchodilator through a jet nebulizer was widely believed to have contributed to this dramatic pattern (1).
Comparative efficacy of jet nebulizer and meter dose inhaler with spacer device in the treatment of acute asthma: Ind Ped 1997;34.