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jesse, jess

a leather strap placed around each shank of a hawk used for hunting, for the attachment of a leash.
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He even referred to Jesse as MC and called out the DJ.
Struggling to control his emotions, Lisa's father Les Jackson, said: "She was completely devoted to Jesse and took him all over the place.
Meddyliwch am y posibiliadau economaidd pe gellid cadarnhau mai o Sir Gaernarfon yr hanai teulu Jesse James?
Jesse was conceived in 2015 after privately funded IVF treatment.
He held slaves because he submitted to God's just and righteous order, and it was in such a religio-political milieu Jesse grew up.
com/article/2016/10/17/flash-violett-beane-jesse-quick) Entertainment Weekly that Jesse won't really be sticking around on Earth-1 that long.
He said Jesse also institutionalized the transparency system of local governance, with all transactions of the Naga government posted on its website.
Filled with high energy, humor and useful information, listeners are in for a treat every day," said Jesse Torres.
Following the lead of his older brother and sister, Corey and Mia, Jesse is now fundraising for the charity which supports the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales in Cardiff.
The rest of the film is really three extended scenes: Jesse and Celine talking in the car, with the girls asleep in the back seat; Jesse and Celine having lunch with Greek friends at the house where they're spending a six-week vacation; then Jesse and Celine in a hotel room, a one-night romantic retreat -- a gift from their friends -- that turns into a bitter, shocking quarrel.
Cotton has been dating Jesse, who is the son of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood, since last July.