dead man's float

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dead man’s float

Public health
A manoeuvre used to help a person survive in a body of water for a long period of time. The person is to take a deep breath of air, completely filling the lungs, which serves to buoy the body; the person leaves his or her body face-down in the water in a dead man position until he or she must take the next breath.

Appearance of tardigrade when in a temporary anoxybiotic state; it is swollen, motionless and all four legs are extended.
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The triple LEDs light up the tank in three different colours and the motorised jellyfish float realistically.
Given the fact that jellyfish float the sea on currents counterclockwise, the swarms will gradually move northwards and likely end up settling in the Turkish waters.
At Sidon's public beach, hundreds of jellyfish float near the water's surface, drifting with the tide toward the shore and threatening swimmers, many of whom have become accustomed to dealing with the sea creatures.
Jellyfish float beneath the surface striking while people are swimming and victims may not realise they have been stung until several minutes later.
Closer, I see the moat, the courtyard's secret pool in which, macabrely, red jellyfish float, death and potentiality entwined forever.
Green and glassy, the summer Gulf was a warm, sticky stew of squiggling life; clear jellyfish floated by as we waded across, as did little black tubes that looked like some kind of seaweed.
And then when it eventually arrived in the Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony, a group of geriatric women were entrusted in carrying it round the track as giant jellyfish floated in the Sydney skyline.
More than 100,000 salmon, worth pounds 1million, were killed when the school of mauve stinger jellyfish floated into holding cages off the coast at Cushendall and Glenarm, Co Antrim.