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jellies, See gels.
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A tally of stomach studies indicates at least 69 species offish eat jellies as more than a random snack.
According to Schick, like sharks, many people fear jellies and the tourist tales of their renowned stings.
We have made alcoholic jellies like our Bloody Mary one, which was a huge success.
The Victorians loved jelly, producing multi-layered, multi-coloured, elaborately-shaped jellies that were as much a table decoration as a dessert.
What effect will the jellies have on fish and other marine life?
The jellies began being snapped up at markets across the Midlands and soon Lynda was making batches by the hundred.
Patisserie One says its Tokyo Cafe jellies are an alternative to pot desserts, a snack or a palate cleanser.
Because sugar increases pectin's ability to jell, it affects the texture and consistency of jellies and jams as they cool and set.
Comb jellies are more alien than any aliens people imagine," he says.
A North Wales food company tantalised the tastebuds of visitors to the International Food Exhibition in London last March by launching a new range of jellies made from homegrown chillies.
The company's new range of Chilli Jellies is made from homegrown red finger chillis from the Ceiriog Valley.
Fruit jellies are semi-solid, preserved mixtures of fruit juice and sugar.