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Actuated Medical's occlusion clearing systems use mechanical motion to restore patency of tubes in the patient for clearing clogged nasoenteral, gastrostomy, nasogastric, and jejunostomy feeding and decompression tubes.
Retrospective analyses of complications associated with transcutaneous replacement of percutaneous gastrostomy and jejunostomy feeding devices.
A jejunostomy feeding tube was placed at the time of surgery in view of his dysphagia and poor oral intake.
An open jejunostomy feeding tube was placed for nutrition on hospital day 18.
47414 Jejunostomy Feeding Bottles With Connecting Set Same Ph 42634
A venting gastrostomy tube or jejunostomy feeding tube may be needed for long-term care of patients nonresponsive to medication.
They were transferred to the minimally invasive surgical unit (MISU) for progressive care with remote telemetry, jejunostomy feeding tube, chest tube, neck Jackson-Pratt drain, and nasogastric tube.
Benefits of immediate jejunostomy feeding after major abdominal trauma: A prospective randomized study.
Residents with jejunostomy feedings are at less risk for aspiration as the feeding is being delivered distal to the pyloric and cardiac sphincters, which provide a protective mechanism against aspiration.