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Piaget, Jean

[zhän pē·äzhā′]
(1896-1980), a Swiss psychologist and genetic epistemologist who established the Genevan school of developmental psychology. From his original training in zoology and his early work in testing schoolchildren in the laboratory, Piaget developed a premise that human intelligence is an extension of biological adaptation. He assumed that human intelligence evolves in a series of stages that are related to age. At each successive stage, intellectual adaptation is more general and shows a higher level of logical organization.
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To cure his phobia once and for all, the wicked Marquis convinces Jean to check into the local asylum, where the enlightened head doctor allows his charges as much freedom as they care to indulge.
Assume that Ellen and Jean begin conducting business Sept.
In subsequent sessions, the counselor further examined Jean's individual dimensions by having Jean describe her skills, abilities, needs, values, interests, and personality style.
In 1982, now comfortably in her new digs, Jean founded Griswold Special Care, first to help older adults in her Erdenheim, Pennsylvania, community remain independent in their own homes.
I first met Jean Causse in 1974 at a meeting where he spoke on cochlear otosclerosis.
In her study of Jean Toomer, Jean Toomer, Artist: A Study of His Literary Life and Work, 1894-1936, Nellie McKay suggests Toomer "wanted to see black reaction against the Anglo-Saxon ideal.
Jean Lemaire de Beiges' Couronne margaritique and his Concorde du genre humain, however, seem to present the possibility of a higher truth revealed through the interpretation of the secular.
After their sets were struck, Jean would move in about midnight and, working with the same tired crew, she and Nan would supervise the hanging of the various backdrops and curtains, and the placing of the many Fresnel and Leko lights.
Toomer's poetic observations regarding the relationship between region and imagination are the focus of section 6 of A Jean Toomer Reader.
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Jean was a self employed carpenter and also worked for many years for the Fitchburg Parks Department and as a school custodian.