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n. pl. jealous·ies
A jealous attitude or disposition.


n resentment against a rival or competitor. It may be a significant barrier to functional interpersonal relationships within any group.
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Let this general declaration serve for each of my suitors on his own account, and let it be understood from this time forth that if anyone dies for me it is not of jealousy or misery he dies, for she who loves no one can give no cause for jealousy to any, and candour is not to be confounded with scorn.
Ginevra, much the ablest of Servin's pupils, was an object of intense jealousy.
Later, this circumstance served as proof to the charitable suppositions of jealousy.
Mademoiselle Thirion, a cruel enemy to the girl who excelled her in everything, guessed by the instinct of jealousy that her rival's industry hid some purpose.
You are forgetting your bag, Mademoiselle Thirion," said the professor, running after the girl, who was now condescending to the work of a spy to satisfy her jealousy.
The truth applies even to such a good thing as absence of jealousy.
But for some time now he has quite changed, and does not seem to mind at all, and though at first this made me feel happy, to think that he had got over his jealousy, I now feel unhappy because I am beginning to be afraid that he no longer cares for me.
It has been my experience that, when jealousy flies out of the window, indifference comes in at the door.
She was continually tormented by jealousy of her daughter, and now that jealousy concerned a subject near to her own heart, she could not reconcile herself to the idea.
But it is with jealousy as with the gout: when such distempers are in the blood, there is never any security against their breaking out; and that often on the slightest occasions, and when least suspected.
He whom the flame of jealousy encompasseth, turneth at last, like the scorpion, the poisoned sting against himself.
There had been nothing definite, but Stepan Arkadyevitch was hardly ever at home; money, too, was hardly ever forthcoming, and Dolly was continually tortured by suspicions of infidelity, which she tried to dismiss, dreading the agonies of jealousy she had been through already.