jaw fracture

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jaw frac·ture

(jaw frakshŭr)
Osseous breakage or trauma to the maxilla or mandible.
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But a CT scan also discovered a cracked sternum, broken nose and a jaw fracture.
Jaw fracture in Enugu, Nigeria, Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg 1999; 37: 106-09.
''I'm ready to play now,'' Jennings said after having missed the team's first two games and most of the preseason with a jaw fracture related to a wisdom tooth.
Murtagh was stood down for the rest of the meeting and Dr Adrian McGoldrick, chief medical officer of the Turf Club, said: "Johnny has a suspected jaw fracture. He'll be having x-rays and we'll know tomorrow what the results are.
Defence barrister Ben Morris claimed that was when the jaw fracture may have occurred.
Occasionally, symptoms aren't obvious, but usually osteonecrosis is marked by pain, swelling, discharge, non-healing wounds of the jaw or even jaw fracture. Treatment may involve scraping away affected bone, antibiotics, and mouth rinses.
Specialist Tutt gives clear directions backed up by clinical photographs and diagnostic imagery to describe tooth development in small animals, methods of clinical examination, equipment needed for s veterinary dental operating room, radiography, exodontics, jaw fracture repair, oral surgeries, suture materials, restoration, endodonic therapy, malocclusion and normal occlusion, pain management, and cases to refer to your local veterinary specialist.
Athletes in contact sports were once thought to be more vulnerable to jaw fracture if they kept their wisdom teeth, but according to Dr.
Jason Melrose - also known as Primate - has had to end his wrestling career due to a severe jaw fracture (inset) OLI SANDLER/DEFIANT WRESTLING
The woman was taken to the University Hospital of North Tees with a bruised, swollen face, a jaw fracture, tenderness to her left thigh and right arm and reddening to her neck.
HOCKEY: Catriona Ralph has been given the go-ahead to join the Scotland squad for the second round of the World League in Brazil after surgery on a jaw fracture.
The principle of immobilizing these fractures in young animals and potential complications arising from jaw fracture needs attention.