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jamun (jäˑ·mōōn),

n Latin name:
Syzygium cumini; parts used: bark, fruit, seeds, leaves; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and pitta doshas (astringent, sweet, light, dry), hypoglycemic, diuretic, antiinflammatory, diarrhea, dysentery, diabetes, bark: gum disorders, oral health; precautions: none known. Also called
Indian blackberry, jambu, jambul, or
Java plum.
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Celebrate all things Indian: Be it women in ornate ghagra-cholis (skirt and blouse), jalebis, gulab jamuns, Indian villages .
In terms of my life and my memories, gulab jamuns are up there with Irn-Bru, rain, plain bread, tottie scones and Scotland serially under-achieving at fitba.
Pramod Choudhary, a retired vet, said: " There was a time when this road used to be littered with fallen jamuns but, just a month later, there are only tree stumps here.
By the time we reach melt-in the-mouth gulab jamuns, we require a stretcher to transport us to the room.
We were treated to some delicious, hot gulab jamuns, kulfi as well as rasmalai.
For desserts, pick the kesar-infused shrikhand over gulab jamuns, moong daal halwa and rose kheer.
Gulab jamuns, a doughnut-style dessert of soft fried dough balls in sweet sugary syrup with a hint of rose water, hit the sweet spot.
Gulab jamuns and ras malai will be served as dessert.
It has reliable dessert recipes, including the shortcuts for gulab jamuns and ras malai.
Bring Next week 'll be making gulab jamuns - the Indian version of doughnuts.
The inhouse halwai, Gatta Ram, lavished love on his large spread of sweetmeats for breakfast -- jalebis, gulab jamuns, mithais made of rose and figs; chefs would carefully curate 10- course meals every time, and the menu ranged from local dishes such as dal- bati- churma, laal maas, and biryani to continental cuisine.