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A brand name for a whirlpool bath—now commonly used as a generic term—in which water is moved by powerful jets over the body. Jacuzzis are believed to promote relaxation, and be useful for musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and arthritic complaints
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Four grandchildren work at the plant during the summer, representing a third generation of Jacuzzis at Jason International.
On the largest yachts, full-service spas, multiple plasma TVs, baby grand pianos, gyms and super-sized Jacuzzis or mini plunge pools have all become de rigueur.
The items were put on display Wednesday and included 10 Jacuzzi tubs, 10 fireplaces, brand new oak cabinetry, 17 oak doors, chandeliers, Persian rugs, Milgard windows and doors, maple wood flooring and oak molding.
Home interior design magazines are filled with images such as sunlight-flooded rec-rooms with clean white walls, pink-checked children sprawled on the floor with a Labrador retriever, parents benignly looking on as they relax, maybe in a Jacuzzi surrounded by immaculate white carpeting.
Jacuzzis are a luxury that most of us can only imagine, but since they were invented in the 1960s, they have become increasingly accessible to well-off home owners.
While many of the customers at Lifestyles Spa don't slide into the bubbling Jacuzzis, it's the offer itself that demonstrates confidence in the product, he notes.
Yet we have one guest who arrives on a late flight from Hong Kong, books one of our best rooms and orders coffee delivered to her room just before slipping into the Jacuzzi.