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Chronic disorder involving the tarsus (i.e., hock) of the horse.
See also: bog spavin, bone spavin, blood spavin.
Synonym(s): jack spavin, jack
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Jackstone offers a broad range of vertical and horizontal plate freezers, and recently made stainless steel headers and plate connectors standard on both types.
Jackstone had been losing money in recent years, and the strength of the pound sterling and the economic downturn in Southeast Asia -- traditionally an important market for the company -- were just too much.
Contact plate freezing and air blast freezing have been combined in one system with the introduction of the Platoblast from Jackstone Food Systems.
Jackstone's Spiral 2000 offers such advantages as low-level infeed and outfeed and a small footprint.
Jackstone Food Systems, in commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary celebration this year, is looking for the oldest operational freezer manufactured by the Thetford, Norfolk, England-based company.
The Freezer Division provides equipment to meet all types of requirements -- from bulk freezing of fish in the Jackstone models to individual quick freezing of gateaux in Parafreeze air blast units.
Last year it was reported that the firm had commenced doing business as APV Baker Ltd., Jackstone Division.
On such days, my cousins and I played jackstones or a game of fiddlesticks.
The less active kids (read: serious nerds) would be more focused on playing jackstones or Chinese jackstones, with the colorful pillows stuffed with either mongo beans or rice.
Tori & the Jackstones, Book 1: The Great Note Caper
Our nan would begenst and snever, teach us how to play glarnies and jackstones, warn us "to mind the "orse road", mek us doorstep sarnies and matter-of-factly point out that her leg was a-wailing her and playing her up.
She produces an old childhood picture, a fancy little hair comb, some jackstones, and for good measure, her old marriage certificate.