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A term of art for a mutation that occurs early in the growth of a culture; jackpots affect the mutation frequency but not the rate
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The lucky man, who played Magnum for the past 20 years, is a casual 4D player and will purchase the Jackpot game whenever the Jackpot 1 amount rises to a higher amount.
If you win the SuperEnalotto jackpot, or any of the lottery's exciting secondary prizes, you will receive the entire amount of your prizes as theLotter doesn't take any commissions on winning tickets.
The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.
'I am elated to be announced the new jackpot winner.
Tomorrow night's jackpot is hitting [euro]4.5million and to mark the special draw, the Lotto revealed Ireland's luckiest counties - with Dublin topping the list.
When buying Geordie Jackpot tickets the public will not only be contributing financially to these projects but we are also looking to build a community, a 'coalition of the willing', to provide their views and feedback on proposals and help shape the future of our city.
In all, 91 UK ticket holders have won the EuroMillions jackpot or a share of the jackpot prize, placing the country second behind France in terms of jackpot wins.
''If there are a lot of jackpots, even though they're all enormous numbers, people are going to start comparing them, and if there are billion-dollar jackpots, then 100 million jackpots that used to feel enormous are going to seem much smaller, even though in terms of the impact on your life of winning 100 million or 1 billion, it probably isn't all that different.''
The jackpot winner said she had just received a $100 casino bonus in the mail and decided to relax and have some fun with her free bonus money.
In a quadruple rollover, the jackpot must be won, so if no one matches all six main numbers then the jackpot amount will be shared between any winners in the next prize level, potentially creating several millionaires.
The huge jackpot follows one player landing the entire pounds 17.7million national Lotto Triple Rollover jackpot yesterday.
Nobody won the pounds 500k jackpots Saturday''s Daily Play numbers were 7, 10, 23, 2, 14, 20 and 1.