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(1) Acute Stroke Study.
(2) Auckland Stroke Study.

adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus.

noun The buttocks and anus.


see donkey.
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Jackass burst onto TV screens in 2001 and saw Steve-O and his equally crazy friends perform a series of ridiculous and dangerous stunts.
It's a Book is suitable for ages 10+ that will make the whole family laugh out loud or LOL as the Jackass would say.
Then we found out it was real, and decided to give him the Middle Eastern Jackass Award instead.
He is a jackass, bloody idiot Akshay ( sic)," Nikhil tweeted.
We've always warned our fans not to try this at home, but now with the new jackass video game, players finally get a chance to try all the dumb stuff we do at home .
Jackass was the first time I'd ever seen an entire cinema full of people laughing out loud, to the point that it was difficult to hear the movie.
A spokeswoman for Ofcom, which regulates TV programmes, said they had not received any complaints about Jackass.
I should like to know how you measure my sense and that of the jackass," I asked him.
YUCK Jackass roadshow host David Blair tucks in to a raw egg.
The R-rated hit, starring Johnny Knoxville, is reportedly causing audiences to be sick in their stomachs," a Scripps Howard News Service report on Jackass stated on November 1st.
On one Jackass episode, Knoxville had become a human barbecue, lying on a hot grill with meat strapped to his body.