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Chronic disorder involving the tarsus (i.e., hock) of the horse.
See also: bog spavin, bone spavin, blood spavin.
Synonym(s): jack spavin, jack


1. male donkey; called a stallion in Great Britain.
2. see track leg.

jack colt
male donkey less than 3 years of age.
mule jack
one bred to mares for the production of mules.
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Jack Pierce in action at Coventry Speedway Stadium; Jack off his quad machine (inset)
Pam agrees to take Jack off his hands because she promised to always be there for the lad but she isn't exactly impressed by his dad's behaviour.
At 20-19 to Riley, Ditchfield looked to knock the jack off to keep his hopes alive, but he missed and the North Wales man threw his arms up in the air in triumph with all his supporters racing onto the green hailing him as the champion.
He called on Australia to follow Canada's lead in "scraping" the Union Jack off their national flag in 1965.
With Jack off fishing miles away, Lulu left the house and trotted to a nearby road, where she gained the attention of a passer-by and led them to Jo Ann.
TALK last weekend was far more of the Champion Hurdle than the Champion Stakes, thanks to the stylish win by Crack Away Jack off top weight at Chepstow in what used to be the Free Handicap Hurdle.
The TV programme has achieved massive success since its launch in 2001, but Sutherland is more than willing to kill Jack off if it would mean a good ending to the show.
It's like taking the network jack off the wall and putting it in my users' pocket," said John Greiner, CTO at Legal Services in New York.
I need to take the children to school and drop Jack off with our parents.