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Chronic disorder involving the tarsus (i.e., hock) of the horse.
See also: bog spavin, bone spavin, blood spavin.
Synonym(s): jack spavin, jack
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Everton were willing to pay Jack around PS10m to land Belfodil, but after initial discussions the move was shelved.
He's a big fan of yours...' there some Union Jack around No problem.
The noise on the street, the foul odors rising from the sewers, and the stream of people who bang into the boy all frighten him as well, and for most of the afternoon be takes Jack around on his shoulders.
February is the number one month of the year to target the biggest and toughest jack around these parts, the amberjack.
Besides the laptop dock, Motorola is also providing options for desktop and home entertainment setups via its HD dock which comes equipped with three USB ports and an HDMI jack around the back.