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Robert H., U.S. oral and plastic surgeon, 1881-1974. See: Ivy loop wiring, Ivy bleeding time test.
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Q. is poison ivy or sumac contagious

A. if you scratch the rash and it has open sores,the pus from the sores can spread to other parts of the body and to other people as well,

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Ivies are in fact quite extraordinary plants, undergoing a metamorphosis as they approach maturity.
Plant the ivies deeper than they were in their pots to establish a good root run.
Ivies have a mythical history: Both Bacchus and Nero were said to have worn ivy wreaths, and Nero wore his around his head while Rome burned.
It must be remembered that, although the poorest Ivies have become poorer relative to their richer Ivy competitors, they have become richer relative to most of their other private competitors.