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A semisynthetic macrolide antibiotic of the avermectin family of compounds, effective in the treatment of filariasis and many other parasites. The drug destroys Onchocerca microfilaria and Filaria bancrofti. Derived from the soil bacterium, Streptomyces avermitilis. Approved by the FDA for the treatment of scabies by topical administration. Widely used in veterinary medicine in a number of species for control of ectoparasites and endoparasites. Unusual sensitivity (increased toxicity, and sometimes death) in collie-type breeds is well documented.
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An anthelmintic and acaricide used to treat parasitic infections in livestock, to prevent heartworm infection in dogs, and to treat onchocerciasis, intestinal strongyloidiasis, and head lice in humans.
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A drug used to kill MICROFILARIA in the treatment of ONCHOCERCIASIS and other microfilarial diseases. Ivermectin has also been used to treat severe SCABIES in elderly institutionalized people, but an unusually high death-rate in this group cast doubt on the safety of the application. The drug is on the WHO official list.
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A disease caused by infestation with the filarial worm (Onchocerca volvulus) spread by blackflies. It is common in tropical Africa and Central America, especially in areas near rivers. Large numbers of microfilariae are present on the skin and often enter the eye. The patient initially complains of itching, but blindness occurs as a result of chorioretinitis and optic neuritis. The disease is treated successfully with ivermectin. Syn. onchocercosis; river blindness.
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Two years after the mass drug administration (MDA) campaign, scabies prevalence remained much lower than at baseline, with clinical scabies diagnosed in 15.2% of the usual care group, 13.5% of the permethrin group, and just 3.6% of the ivermectin group.
The good news is that toxicity in breeds that don't have the genetic predisposition to being affected by ivermectin in low doses is very rare, although I am sure that it remains something that all dog owners would wish to discourage.
The study proposes high doses of Ivermectin should be added to an antimalarial so as to kill both the mosquito and the parasite that causes malaria.
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Subsequently, all falcons were dewormed subcutaneously with ivermectin (2 mg/ kg).
A single dose of Oxfendazole was administered @ 4.5 mg/kg body weight, Levamisole was given @ 7.5 mg/kg bodyweight orally and Ivermectin was injected @ 0.2 mg/kg body weight by subcutaneous route.
Among these, Deltamethrin, Ivermectin, Cypermethrin, Fipronil, Trichlorfon and Dichlorvos are commonly used.
Ivermectin results in more people cured than albendazole and is at least as well tolerated.
(i) to investigate the occurrence and the level of anthelmintic resistance of intestinal strongyle nematodes to ivermectin and fenbendazole in Gondar town cart horses,
Ivermectin is the drug of choice and a single dose therapy is sufficient for asymptomatic patients.
The research, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, delivered the anti-parasitic and anti-malaria drug ivermectin to hundreds of pigs and dogs via a capsule that temporarily expands in the stomach so it cannot be passed to the intestines until the drug contents are gone.