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However, many consumable (non-reparable) items do not have a given service life.
An auction is a sale of items to the highest bidder.
The 2006 proposed regulations generally determine the taxable income or loss of a Section 987 QBU by translating its income and loss items at the average exchange rate for the year.
New Law: No deduction is allowed for a charitable donation of clothing or household items unless they are in good used condition or better.
Contract line items must be structured so that the cost for items that should be capitalized (e.g., planes) can easily be segregated from the cost of items that should not be capitalized (e.g., spare parts).
174 costs incurred by these taxpayers in prior tax years may be included in determining whether an item meets the in-whole-or-in-significant-par t requirement.
Further exploration of the model was made by examining the wording of the items that loaded on the factors to determine whether the solution was justified by theoretical rationale.
In his remarks on December 2nd to the National Press Club, Assistant Secretary Hawley outlined three types of risk reduction strategies that were being addressed: explosives detection, passenger screening, and allowing previously prohibited items. Allowing previously banned items on board the aircraft clearly increases the risk that such item may be used in an attempt to hijack or sabotage an airliner.
Ingrid's share of the deficiency was the total deficiency multiplied by the ratio of her share of the erroneous items to the total amount of such items.
Accordingly, one focus of the present research examines the accuracy of recall across multiple tests for items receiving differing amounts of processing at study.
Because of their intentionally structured abbreviated requirements, FAR Part 13--Simplified Acquisition Procedures for Commercial Items, apparently offered the best option.
The president does have one option: he can rescind "pork" items and send an entire spending bill back to Congress for reconsideration.