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Psychology The desire to shirk responsibilities
Vox populi The desire to leave home in search of adventure
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Being aware of changes in behaviour was likely to be the only indicators of the other 95 per cent of staff with itchy feet.
The Olly Murphy-trained Itchy Feet will be trying to build on an excellent Cheltenham third in the card's other Grade 1, the Betway Top Novices' Hurdle.
It is also said to prevent itchy feet. The natural minerals, according to some manufacturers, disperse into the drinking water and help to keep dogs cool.
But you have to accept if she has got itchy feet you can't stop her walking away.
I speak as one from a time when a lot of men, including yours truly, used to get itchy feet at about 8.30pm most nights.
"It was so satisfying to design and build our own home - so much so that Robert has now got itchy feet and is ready for another project!" The property has a double garage with a first floor workshop where Lynn has her sculpture studio.
Unfortunately, Jamie has itchy feet, quits his job and legs it to South America, telling her it's over.
For most of May you want the season to be over with, then come half way through pre-season, once the fixtures are announced, you start to get itchy feet. I'm a big away fan and try to go to as many away games as possible - I book my holidays around when the season ends."
MOTORCYCLING explorer Lois Pryce is coming to Coventry to talk about how her itchy feet led her on a solo cross-continent adventure.
The second most popular time to quit is the first week of February, as workers get itchy feet following the Christmas break.