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a discharge of pus, blood, or other matter; a suppurating lesion emitting such a discharge.
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Archaic term for a discharge of pus, blood, or other matter.
[Fr. a going out]
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1. A discharge, as of blood or pus.
2. A lesion, wound, or ulcer producing such a discharge.
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Forensics noun A legal term for a child or children, as in, ‘the issue of marriage’
Transfusion medicine verb To dispense
Vox populi noun See Guaranteed standard issue
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Vox populi A euphemism for a problem, as in “he has issues”. See Core issue, Guaranteed standard issue.
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Q. what sort of health issues may arise? I am a pizza lover. My friends do not take it; it’s my bad luck that I have them alone. They say it’s not good for health. Yet I have no health issues. So, just wanted to know while having pizza what sort of health issues may arise?

A. People are having pizza from many decades and it’s a type of Combination Food, where two or more food groups combine. Combination Foods are great sources of nutrients because they combine the nutrients from several foods. They have only been criticized for being high-calorie content. But if you are burning the required calorie every day you can take it but not at frequent intervals and yes it tastes yummy….

Q. Is it effective to determine the problem? How is the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy done and is it effective to determine the problem?

A. actually it will come with three common symptoms such as : positive pregnancy, abdominal pain or cramp, and bleeding. if you're happened to feel one of those symptoms, i'll suggest you to go see your ob-gyn specialist, then the doctor will do the physical examination on you, and will confirm the diagnosis with ultrasound.

Q. Has anyone ever had this problem? My grandfather is showing all the symptoms of bipolar disorder. My aunt is a nurse and she confirms that he is a bipolar. We can't tell him that he is sick and he will not stay in hospital. As far my knowledge, it will take years to get diagnosed for bipolar and I am worried about his health and he is making my family miserable. How can we get help him? Has anyone ever had this problem?

A. This is not as uncommon as you would think... You can not forse someone to admit they have a problem or to get treatment. What you can control is you and how you deal with him. You can set boundaries and your family can set boundaries. Sometimes it takes a mojor change to motivate them to seek the help they need. It is unfortunate and difficult to have to make these changes but sometimes it is what it takes. You can also try to talk to him when he is not experiencing an episode (be it mania or depression) Perhaps catching him on tape in a mania so you can show him how these episodes manifest and explain to him the ways that it makes you and your family feel. Try to be understanding and compassionate with what he is going through and understand that what you are going through watching him in these states is only a fraction of what he is going through... Love and patience is so important but it is also important not to comprimise yourself in the process... I hope for all the bes

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