isovaleric acid

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i·so·va·ler·ic ac·id

(ī'so-vă-ler'ik as'id, -lēr'ik),
3-Methylbutyric acid; a metabolic intermediate in oxidative processes; elevated in cases of isovaleric acidemia.
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When leucine is not used properly, it builds up as isovaleric acid and other harmful substances in the blood and urine that are toxic or poisonous.
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Silage (moisture) High density Low High Low Measurement ([dagger]) density density density 587 g [kg.sup.-1] 524 g [kg.sup.-1] PH 4.7 b 4.9 ab 4.8 b 5.1 a ([double dagger]) Lactic acid 70.0 a 64.6 a 71.4 a 62.8 a Acetic acid 23.9 ab 38.0 a 32.6 a 19.9 b Propionic acid 1.73 a 0.77 b 0.41 b 0.67 b Isobutyric acid 1.14 b 7.01 a 1.82 b 2.99 b Butyric acid -([section]) 0.40 a 0.20 a 0.54 a Isovaleric acid 0.02 a 0.20 a -- -- Valeric acid 0.34 a 0.27 a 0.56 a 0.40 a ([dagger]) High density baled at 358 kg [cm.sup.-2] hydraulic pressure, low density baled at 179 kg [cm.sup.-2] hydraulic pressure.