isotonic saline

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isotonic saline

sterile sodium chloride solution at physiological concentration (0.87%); used as a wound-cleansing agent or irrigating fluid


1. of equal tension.
2. denoting a solution in which body cells can be bathed without net flow of water across the semipermeable cell membrane; also, denoting a solution having the same tonicity as another solution with which it is compared.

isotonic contraction
muscle contraction without appreciable change in the force of contraction; the distance between the muscle's origin and insertion becomes lessened.
isotonic dehydration
occurs when the fluid lost is isotonic with serum, as in sweating, simple enteritis, nephrosis. There are therefore no errors of electrolyte balance likely to result.
isotonic saline
see normal saline.
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3rd Infusion fluids: Isotonic sodium chloride inj; glucozy Isotonic saline, physiological fluid, isotonic wieloelektrolitowy (including acetates), Ringer~s solution, glucose solution, water for inj - 10 items in part;
The active, isotonic (Active) solution contained wild indigo (Baptisia tinctoria, a homeopathic agent), oregano, grapefruit seed extract, and colloidal silver in buffered, isotonic saline.
3,5) and others use isotonic saline as the carrier for insulin in their protocols.
One-half mL EDTA whole blood is washed in a small test tube using reagent grade water instead of isotonic saline.
0 mg/kg, N = 10) or an equivalent volume of isotonic saline (saline, N = 10).
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Briefly, the erythrocytes from lithiumheparin-blood samples from 100 medical and surgical inpatients were separated by centrifugation at 25008 within 1 h of collection, washed three times with isotonic saline, and then lysed by the addition of an equal volume of distilled water.
0 mg/kg (High) CDP or an equivalent volume of isotonic saline (Saline).
Synthetic ISF surrogates were prepared by dissolving human albumin and [alpha]-globulins in a ratio of 60 g/L albumin to 40 g/L [alpha]-globulins in isotonic saline containing 6 mg/L ProClin 150 preservative to achieve total measured protein concentrations of 11 and 31 g/L (1.
Concentrations >1 IU/mL were determined after diluting the plasma with an equal volume of isotonic saline.