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isothermal, isothermic

having the same temperature.
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Review the background of isothermic regulation of hypotension in the outpatient dialysis setting.
Both Langmuir and Freundlich models fitted well to the isothermic data.
How can we improve symptomatic hypotension in hemodialysis patients: Cold dialysis vs isothermic dialysis].
The mixed flow (point 2 in the diagram) is directed to the isothermic crystallizer of sodium chloride in which the process finishes at the final temperature of 80[degrees]C;
Udriste: Isothermic surfaces as solutions of Calapso PDE, Balkan J.
Then followed heating to 250[degrees]C and isothermic holding for 600s at this temperature.
The oligonucleotides are isothermic, which allows hybridization at a high temperature acceptable for the complete set of transcripts (70[degrees]C).
Fluctuations of surface and bottom temperature at the sampling station showed a tendency to isothermic conditions during the autumn/winter and great differences in the water column during spring/summer periods (Figure 4).
The modeling of the non isothermic adsorption of pesticides in aqueous solution on activated carbon and the analysis of parameters in the selected models was carried out using three activated carbons, one produced in Venezuela (V-100) and two widely used in Europe (Chemvirom Filtrasorb 400 and carbon picatif NC90).
Isothermic irrigation in another TURP study was found to prevent excessive cooling (Pit 1996) while no significant differences in blood loss or resection time were reported.
TA Instruments claims that the TAM-ITC can deliver faster response times by keeping its sample cell in an isothermic state.
The study area is classified as lowland semi-hot isothermic climatic region having a mean daily seasonal temperature of 22[degrees]C with a range less than 10[degrees]C and less than four months of dry season (Carter and Jones, 1987).