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12 The positive results found by using methylene blue dye and by isosulfan blue dye were 99% and 97% respectively.
1ml isosulfan blue dye was injected intradermally in the both foot pads.
Anaphylactic reactions to isosulfan blue dye during sentinel node lymphadenectomy for breast cancer.
A combination of radioactive technetium-99m sulfur colloid (Tc-99m SC) plus isosulfan blue dye is used to increase the sensitivity of SLN mapping and biopsy However, a recent article recommended the use of only Tc-99m SC in pregnant women because of the risk of allergic reactions (up to 2%) and life-threatening anaphylaxis (0.
The "very preliminary" pilot data indicate that the intraoperative combination of isosulfan blue dye and gamma probe detection of radiocolloid may be a diagnostically accurate method of detecting lymph node disease in patients with stage IB1 cervical cancer (less than 4 cm in size).
99m] injection, the injection of an isosulfan blue dye circumferentially around the tumor is done just prior to the intra-operative procedure.
Each patient underwent SLNBX guided by an intraoperative injection of 1% isosulfan blue dye.
Sentinel lymph nodes were identified utilizing a combination of isosulfan blue dye and radionuclide colloid injection.
0 cc isosulfan blue dye (Lymphazurin, Hirsch Industries, Richmond, Va) at either the primary site or excisional scar.
Most centers use lymphoscintigraphy (using a radioactive technetium-99 sulfur colloid and gamma probe) to track lymph drainage to the regional node, along with using the traditional isosulfan blue dye.
A study of lymphatic mapping using intradermal injection of isosulfan blue dye identified the sentinel node in 46 of 52 patients (88%) and 57 of 76 groins (74%), reported Dr.