isosulfan blue

i·so·sul·fan blue

(ī'sō-sŭl'fan blū),
A dye used as a radiographic adjunct to mark lymphatic vessels during lymphography.
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Methylene blue dye demonstrated poor lymphatic uptake, but recent work shows that it can be substituted for isosulfan blue.
Injection of isosulfan blue does not require specialized equipment, however visualization in obese patients is inferior.
Aurobindo, which secured approvals for isosulfan blue single-dose vials and tranexamic acid injection from FDA this year, is working on penem products, non-SSP type antibiotics and anti-anxiety drugs.
12 The positive results found by using methylene blue dye and by isosulfan blue dye were 99% and 97% respectively.
Moreover they used isosulfan blue to ensure correct and definitive ligation of lymphatic vessels.
Aurobindo Pharma Limited announced receving of final approval from the US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA) for Isosulfan Blue Injection.
Online I have seen mention of isosulfan blue being injected into lymphatic tissue to identify sentinel nodes--although it is more expensive.
During the patient's laparoscopic surgery, 4 mL isosulfan blue (Lymphazurin), a contrast dye, was given for lymphatic mapping.
1ml isosulfan blue dye was injected intradermally in the both foot pads.
Adverse drug reactions to PBV and isosulfan blue (ISB) were also being reported in the international literature around this time (7-14).
Launching the first and only generic for Isosulfan Blue Injection 1% in the US reaffirms the company's commitment to introducing generic niche products, which allows hospitals and pharmacies an option in the buying process, said George Zorich, president, US Operations for Bioniche Pharma.