Having the same density.
[iso- + G. phknos, thick, dense, + -ic]
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PVA was dissolved in deionized water at 90[degrees]C to form 1 wt% PVA aqueous solution, and then 1 g/L BNMA aqueous solution was mixed with isopyknic PVA aqueous solution to form BNMA@PVA solution.
Then, the extract was filtered and the fat-soluble components in the filtrate were removed using isopyknic petroleum ether.
At the same time, the decomposed gas which was released from the outlet of TGA was bubbled into the absorbent solution via a teflon pipe, the absorbent solution was composed of excessive silver nitrate solution (0.01M, 10 mL), nitric acid(mixed with isopyknic de-ionized water, 3 mL), and de-ionized water (15 mL).