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A line on a cartesian nomogram consisting of all points that represent a particular value of a variable; for example, an isobar is an isopleth for a particular pressure.
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The prominent geography of SDB is represented by the isopleth map of [I.sub.SDB] (Figure 2).
Moreover, the combination of yield isopleths (Lc/La) and exploitation rate (E) analysis showed this goby had been being fishing since its Lc/La (0.57) and E (0.53) fell into developed fishery quadrant described by Pauly and Soriano (1986).
Finally, the isopleth maps were generated using interpolation techniques, and an additional correction procedure was applied in order to correlate the obtained results in the locations insufficiently covered by the weather data.
We defined the study area as the combined 99% FK isopleths for all weasel locations.
a) Isopleths of absorption coefficient of chlorophyll-a concentration (mg [m.sup.-3]), and b) organic matter and dissolved detritus ([m.sup.-1]).
2007) with Gaussian (bivariate normal) distributions, reporting the 95% and 50% isopleths for ranges and cores, respectively.
(c) Estimated using a 4.65-km diameter buffer around each live trap that was operational for =10 trap-nights and the 95% isopleths of resident tagged animals that were alive during the capture session.
To summarize agricultural pesticide use in the Salinas Valley, we first defined the region as the area bounded by the Pacific Ocean and an isopleth at 200 feet in elevation above the Salinas River.
The annex further-on looked to recent advances in mold and mildew research, with isopleth interpretation, sensitivity of substrates for mould infestation and mold growth modeling as specific topics.
After the first 24 h, hemolymph pH declined steadily, following the P[co.sub.2] isopleth, as a result of a reduction in hemolymph bicarbonate.