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Having the same total osmotic pressure or osmolality as another fluid (ordinarily intracellular fluid); such a fluid is not isotonic if it includes solutes that freely permeate cell membranes.
Synonym(s): isoosmotic
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Citrate blood samples were washed three times with an isoosmotic NaCl solution and treated as previously reported [41], using PID (50 [micro]M) and tert-butylhydroperoxide (t-BHT), 100 [micro]M.
Midline catheters should only be used for solutions that are iso-osmotic or near isoosmotic, usually less than 500 mOsm/L with a pH between 5 and 9.
It was shown more than five decades ago in studies of how the corticomedullary osmotic gradient is generated, that luminal fluid near the bend of thin limbs of Henle's loop of hamster, kangaroo rat, and sand rat is nearly isoosmotic with fluid of the inner medullary interstitium, collecting ducts, and blood vessels at the same level.
Dialysis of the solutions at ambient osmotic pressure of 290 mosmol/kg [H.sub.2]O (i.e., isoosmotic to plasma) resulted in a decrease in the iodine concentration of LOCM but not IOCM solutions, as can be expected from the net water inflow into the solutions that is driven by the LOCM solutions' higher osmolalities.
One strategy to diminish the viscosity effect of the isoosmotic dimers is by enhancing tubular flow with a concomitant osmotic diuresis, as occurred naturally with the LOCM [36, 61].
After 6 h, the perivitelline fluid of all embryos was nearly isoosmotic with the bathing medium (Fig.
The amount of Percoll added to reach an isoosmotic solution was determined according to the manufacturer's instructions.
In the initial study [3], we compared two different homogenization media, one isoosmotic (0.32 M sucrose) and one hypertonic (0.85 M sucrose).