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In addition to the isomorphous substitutions such as [Al.
Most of the permanent charge of clay minerals comes from isomorphous substitution.
Explicative models: consist basically of concrete and specific structures that are isomorphous in relation to a theory, or part of a theory.
56) Secondly, an author's name leads to a series of additional difficulties of its own, since 'the link between a proper name and the individual being named and the link between an author's name and that which it names are not isomorphous and do not function in the same way'.
We first argue the formal breakthrough in the theory: we notice that the set of Equation (4) is mathematically isomorphous to the set of Newton equations for particle dynamics in physics (Fivaz, 1993, 1997).
The contents of Fe are moderately elevated, expressing isomorphous substitution of [Fe.
c] superconductor phases were reported in the literature, including new structure types as well as single phases and solid solutions isomorphous to known structures.
In the latter case the topical possessor occurs within the topical NP, so IS and syntactic structures are isomorphous and the need for raising does not arise.
In the early 1830s, he measured the crystalline form of many new substituted naphthalenes and found that they were isomorphous with the parent substance [9].
The scenario is isomorphous to the well-known "Prisoner's Dilemma.