isomorphic response

i·so·mor·phic re·sponse

a response to trauma at sites of injury in previously uninvolved areas of patients with skin diseases such as psoriasis and lichen planus, typically with linear lesions at sites of scratching or a scar.
Synonym(s): Köbner phenomenon


H., German dermatologist, 1838-1904.
Köbner phenomenon - an isomorphic reaction seen in response to trauma in previously uninvolved sites of patients with skin diseases. Synonym(s): isomorphic response
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Various reports have suggested possible links between Pityriasis Rosea and bacterial, viral or mycoplasmal infections, insect bite, auto immune disease, isomorphic response and psychogenic cause.
This is distinctly different from an isomorphic response, also known as the Koebner phenomenon, which describes the development of the same disease at a site of damaged or traumatized skin.