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Now, KBR has acquired the patented technology with intellectual property rights to offer MAX-ISOM globally and to offer isomerization technologies for C4 and C7 streams.
In order to better understand the isomerization behavior of CHDA, DMCD, and of the polymers obtained using these monomers, we have performed a new set of tests to complete our previous study on the isomerization kinetics of CHDA and DMCD at 250[degrees]C [4].
The valuable products particularly, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, kerosene, diesel, and gas oil coming out of the distillation unit are required to be further treated to yield useful and better hydrocarbon products by using processes such as cracking, isomerization, reforming, etc.
In this scheme, the first binding step is rapid, having association and dissociation rates with half-lives of the order of seconds, and is followed by a slow isomerization step, characterized by half-lives of the order of minutes.
My intention in this article is to study the cis-trans isomerization and isomers formed during the thermal induction of methyl linolenate at 275[degrees]C.
Based on the mass spectra of the products, the first one show a molecular ion of 314 m/z which correspond to the isomerization product of the terminal double bond; the second product show a molecular ion of 316 m/z corresponding to hydrogenation product, but it was not possible to assign to which stereoisomer it correspond.
Determination of glucose and fructose from glucose isomerization process by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV detection, Modern Applied Science, 2(4): 151-154.
In this paper, we report on the isomerization of lisinopril using a combination of HPLC, NMR spectroscopy, and theoretical approaches.
Traditionally, the isomerization of cis- and trans-conformations has been investigated by computing the ground state [S.sub.0] and the lowest excited state [S.sub.1].
Its short-term effects include inhibition of reactive oxygen species production induced by UV radiation, DNA damage, isomerization and decomposition of trans-urocanic acid, prevention of UV-mediated apoptosis and necrosis, as well as degradative matrix remodeling, which is the main cause of photoaging.
Because phosphorylation at proline-directed sites causes cis-isomerization of the protein backbone, we tested this effect on DAT T53 by inhibiting Pin1, a peptidyl prolyl isomerase which catalyzes the isomerization of pThr/pSer backbones using a small molecule inhibitor, juglone.
Al-Awja said that the company plans to carry out a special project of an isomerization units of gasoline, which will cover the country entire needs from unleaded gasoline.