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A line on a cartesian nomogram consisting of all points that represent a particular value of a variable; for example, an isobar is an isopleth for a particular pressure.
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pretiosum isolines from Irvine, California, USA, from a site with Mediterranean climate.
Figure 12 shows the isolines for the point safety factor of the rock mass around the midsection in the collapse tunnel section after the collapse.
Figures 11(a) and 11(b) show the deformations and Mises stress isolines with the different particle size random model and same particle size random model in uniaxial tensile with displacement x = 2 [micro]m.
In case of the base camshaft configuration the isoline of an optimal MFB50 is located at loads where water/fuel-ratios of ~100 % are achieved.
In our case, we observe quite separate isolines indicating that E' at the glass transition is not extremely sensitive to the interfacial agent content.
Thus, a baseline wander model in which the artifact affects both, the isoline and the amplitude of the ECG, should be considered in a future research project.
Annual average OMZ depth in meters, defined by the 88 [micro]mol [O.sub.2]/kg isoline from ROMSPISCES model (a) and CARS data (b).
Caption: Figure 12: Major principal stress isoline during the completion period (unit: MPa).
The 22-year-old, who is from Graymount Parade, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, pleaded guilty to a single charge of burgling the Isoline Street property.
The ranges of radiation balance on climatic isoline maps were unsuitable to reflect regional differences in thermal provision.
While isoline maps of climate change present abstract ideas that may confuse viewers, filled variants of these maps use color in a way that may enhance engagement particularly when depicting temperature change.
88), alternatively represented by isoline cartography, graphs and statistics.