warty dyskeratoma

(redirected from isolated dyskeratosis follicularis)


a tumor from the keratinocytes, characterized by abnormal, imperfect, or premature keratin development. See illustration.
Warty dyskeratoma. From Dorland's, 2000.
warty dyskeratoma a solitary brownish red nodule with a soft, yellowish, central keratotic plug, most commonly occurring on the face, neck, scalp, or axilla, or in the mouth; histologically it resembles an individual lesion of keratosis follicularis.
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wart·y dys·ker·a·to·ma

a benign solitary tumor of the skin, usually of the scalp, face, or neck, with a central keratotic plug; it appears to arise from a hair follicle, and microscopically resembles a lesion of keratosis follicularis but is larger, with more extensive epithelial downgrowth.
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