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Possible to isolate.
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What makes a joke a joke, in other words, is that the listener (and the collector) can make it wholly independent from a specific performer and treat it as an isolatable or discrete unit.
Even daring to interpret gender as an isolatable component of a social system would be, then, to offer disrespect to an entire way of being.
With modernism irony ceases to be an isolatable rhetorical device, and becomes a generalized vision of disjunction which a host of other devices can be pressed into expressing.
Moreover, since we are endowed with memory, which preserves the past into the present and makes possible their mutual interpenetration, consciousness is not a sequence of isolatable moments but rather a seamless continuity--"a constant state of becoming"--in which each moment flows into all of the others in a manner distinctive to each individual.
Where there is not--as in the cases of exophora illustrated in (2a), (2b), (2d), and (2e), which I would argue are the basic instances of anaphora--this device is totally inoperative, the relationship here being of necessity between a salient discourse representation and an anaphoric expression, and not between two isolatable cooccurring expressions.
The traditional long-standing view sees individuals as atomic, separable, isolatable units that relate to each other through some external process.
For a more sustained discussion of the non isolatable nature of the grids of power see E.
The failure to isolate the bacteria which have taken up the GM construct is not surprising, as over 99% of soil bacteria are not isolatable by current culture techniques, and this is one major limitation to detecting horizontal gene transfer in the field.
With China accepting, in the accession agreement, the continuation of its status as an NME, the United States can determine a fair price for Chinese products based on the prices of factor inputs of that product in another country.(159) Moreover, Congress may facilitate the application of CVD law to Chinese imports by finding the pertinent production subsidies--like SOE subsidization--sufficiently isolatable to furnish a basis for a CVD remedy.(160)
Where the euthanasia debate is concerned, the situated subject is not an isolatable, independent, atomistic subject: her choice to die has implications for both self and society, and her choices can be either upheld or undermined by the prevailing social ethos[6]
The same is true of the block diagrams and flowcharts popular in the study of human cognition, in which hypothetical components of the mind (e.g., long-term and short-term memory) are depicted as independent and isolatable functional components.
157) criticizes this as being realist ontology because it is based on an unquestioned acceptance of methodological individualism: individuals as the building blocks of organization, as self-contained and isolatable entities (see, e.g., Weick, Sandelands, Drazin and Benson).