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Denoting two substances possessing the same pH.
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1) Plants of teak have a high stomatal sensitivity and isohydric control mechanism of transpiration by water loss.
nummularia can then reduce photosynthetic rates and Gs to conserve water (isohydric behaviour), and in these periods the comparatively high levels of antioxidant activity (Fig.
Plants fall into two categories according stomatal regulation of transpiration; "drought avoiders of the saving type" (isohydric plants) and "drought avoiders of the spending type" (anisohydric plants) [7].
--The producing flow of the suspension from the crystallizer separates into crystal sodium chloride and the flow of mother solution which, in the form of a eutonic system(point 4 in the diagram), is directed into the cooler crystallizer- isohydric crystallization of lithium perchlorate trihydrate;
Grapevine cultivars that are more conservative in water use (isohydric) tend to show a displacement of the parabolic curve to the right, closing stomata at night with higher 0, measured the previous day.