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an isoagglutinin directed against antigenic determinants on the erythrocytes of an individual of the same species.
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An isoantibody that causes agglutination of cells of genetically different members of the same species.
Synonym(s): isohemagglutinin
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Synonym(s): isoagglutinin, isohaemagglutinin.
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Antibody titrations are important in antenatal evaluations, antibody identifications, separating multiple antibodies, and ABO isohemagglutinin testing.
Recipients of major ABO-incompatible stem cell grafts possess isohemagglutinins directed against donor RBCs and are at risk for immediate or delayed hemolysis of donor RBCs and destruction of donor erythroid precursor cells, causing delayed erythroid engraftment and pure red cell aplasia (PRCA).
However, vigilant monitoring of patients at risk during the first two weeks posttransplant, including daily complete blood count and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and screening for donor isohemagglutinins, is recommended.
Therefore, IA, a novel method of removing persisting isohemagglutinins, has been used by some investigators.
The optimal way to remove residual isohemagglutinins is still unclear.