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A line on a cartesian nomogram consisting of all points that represent a particular value of a variable; for example, an isobar is an isopleth for a particular pressure.
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Most entries in the following collection of 100 pair isograms were found by Dmitri Borgmann, Ralph Beaman, Darryl Francis and myself.
The largest shiftgroup for the OSPD is 10, achieved for both two-letter and three-letter isograms. Larger word lists would likely increase this number to, say, 12 or 13.
The spatiotemporal evolution of infiltration behaviors was described by saturation isograms. The infiltration characteristics of collapsible loess were obtained as follows:
Caption: Figure 4: Saturation isograms within the depth of 3 m at different soaking stages.
Caption: Figure 5: Saturation isograms within the depth of 3 m at different water cutoff stages.
Caption: Figure 6: Saturation isograms within the depth of 8 to 12 m at different time of soaking stages on typical profiles.
The analysis results show that the anomaly isograms processed by the FICAA are more in line with the actual element distributions.
He settled on Letter Shifts (add to bee, ice to keg, fusion to layout), augmented by Isograms (Melvin Schwarzkopf), Scrambled Alphabets designed to maximize (or minimize) the number of four-letter Pocket Dictionary words in alphabetic order (abet, bevy, chin ...), and Special Transpositions consisting of first names converted into last names (Gary Gray, Eric Rice, Ronald Arnold).
DARRYL FRANCIS writes: Jeff Grant's article Long Pair Isograms appeared in the August 2012 Word Ways, and listed various names and terms with seven or more like pairs of letters.
SIR JEREMY MORSE has been investigating the longest isograms that can be made from truncated alphabets, and finds as follows.
Dmitri Borgmann introduced the concept of pair isograms in Language on Vacation .
Unfortunately, none of the thirty new pair isograms is a solidly spelled dictionary-listed word.